recent noteworthy events

early june

recovered from recweek.  watched a lot of west wing (as evidenced by last post)  also, Scrubs season 3. 

went to dallas for a Regional Leadership Team Meeting.  While there, I got to have dinner with Tim Liu. That’s always noteworthy!

the world cup started, I watched a lot of it, and Rice made a run for the college world series title.  sad clown. 



I headed to Virginia for my sister’s wedding.  I only have a few pictures right now (apparently there are over 700…)  but here you go – first, the happy couple


then, our family at the rehearsal dinner.  I think I must be talking or something in this shot… 😦

family rehearsal 


anne and i, 2 of the 4 bridesmaids… (I really loved how they did my hair)



and one of me – showing off my one-sided dimple.



it was a good weekend, especially with family and friends from out of town – some, VERY out of town (Hong Kong and London….)

so there you go, late-june post coming later.  For now, off to Madison… btw – I don’t actually have this album, but it seemed appropriate. 🙂


6 thoughts on “recent noteworthy events

  1. k00LkELLEy

    your sister looks like you! and…i like how you posted pictures of your hair, it seems so girly? very fun though. your one dimple, way cute sabbychan. hope you are well!


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