eprops for the west wing

Why is it that I tend to post on this thing when I’m supposed to be working on other things?  (Right now, 2 other things – a longstanding writing project, and a prayer letter…).  But I just finished watching West Wing Season 2 last night, and had to comment again on what a good show it was back then.  Note: I haven’t watched anything past season 4, you know, when Aaron Sorkin left…

What I love about The West Wing is their sense of mission.  This isn’t a show like Friends where people are just hanging out and trying to figure out what to do with their lives.  Friends or Seinfeld are definitely funny, but there’s this sense that the shows aren’t really about much. Sure, they have their problems and issues that come up – romantic drama, job stuff, extended family, etc.  But nothing that they’re passionate about.

The values and mission of the White House staffers is what pushes that show – yes, the characters still have romantic drama, job stuff and extended family, but what brings them together isn’t some hang-out coffeehouse, but their passion to govern well, to help others, to get the job done.  I love it.  Maybe it’s because I’m a pretty value-driven person, or I like to imagine that somehow the stuff I do is as important and exciting as working at the White House – and many days, I think it really is, though, they’ll never make a TV show about this job… 

I think that’s why missional community is way better than just hang-out community.  Witnessing community over just worshipping community.  West Wing over Friends. 

It also helps that I like the humor of the West Wing better… and I feel smarter after having watched it.  What other show can explain why the census is important or how the Mercator projection promotes social inequalities?

Ok, enough procrastinating – onto the stuff I’m _supposed_ to be doing…


7 thoughts on “eprops for the west wing

  1. jenfarra

    Amen to missional community. It’s so amazing that God has a story that He lets us be an active part of. And BTW, what you do is WAY more important than whatever it is the government does…

  2. khong11

    hey sabrina! dude – you can TOTALLY call to tell me random fun things. 🙂 i like getting calls like that (just ask ikoma – she does it all the time and we laugh A LOT!). 🙂 hope you are doing well! take care of becky for us – we miss her up here! 🙂


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