Monday May 8, 2006

I got tagged by Nick, it seemed fun enough to complete.  Some were really hard!  (for example, songs that you know all the words to – i went for ones that I know by heart, without hearing it…)

What were you doing 10 years ago?
finishing my freshman year at Rice – riding 8 hours to New Orleans with 3 juniors for a Jazzfest concert (Indigo Girls) the day before my Vector Calculus final… dreading returning to Virginia… running from God.

What were you doing one year ago?
saying a kind of goodbye to staffing AACM, saying goodbye to some good friends leaving staff, taking retreat of silence days with those friends – and riding a 7 person bike.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1) chocolate cake donuts
2) pocky
3) ice cream with blueberries or strawberries
4) shaved ice
5) bananacue (grilled banana with brown sugar drizzled all over)

Five Songs to which I know all the Lyrics:
1) Galileo – Indigo Girls
2) C is for Cookie – cookie monster
3) found out about you – gin blossoms
4) drops of Jupiter – train
5) Tennessee – Arrested Development

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire:
1) freak out.  pray hard.
2) tithe to mosaic
3) use some for seed money for some creative way to fund the UT staff team (our full yearly budget next year is by itself half a million)
4) pay for my brother’s college so my dad can retire
5) go to Hong Kong to visit family (and bring a bunch of friends along).

Five Bad Habits:
1) eating too quickly
2) leaving my wallet and keys places
3) staying up too late mindlessly surfing the net
4) being impatient with my family
5) working too much

Five Things I Like Doing:
1) good conversations with friends, over tea or good food
2) hanging out at border’s or bookpeople – reading magazines or browsing books or journaling
3) traveling with friends
4) sleeping in
5) watching interesting documentaries or foreign films

Five Things I Would Never Buy, Wear or Get New Again:
1) Britney spears CD (…baby one more time, in case you’re wondering)
2) top-loading washing machine (I’d buy a frontloader, if I could do it again – less water, less wear, less energy used)
3) I got my hair permed in 4
th grade.  Never again.
4) trick deck of cards for magic tricks – total impulse by on a beach vacation in middle school
5) laptops – used all the way – got my thinkpad for $800 less than new…

Five Favorite Toys:
1) laptop – thinkpad x40 named lilly
2) my bike – marin muirwoods named speedy
3) books
4) netflix
5) border’s gift card


11 thoughts on “Monday May 8, 2006

  1. nickliao

    awesome, you completed it!

    “C is for Cookie” made me laugh. also, i should have added “eating too fast.” don’t you hate sitting around for the rest of a meal while others are still eating, and your hands have nothing to do and no place to go?

  2. jeepy

    “3) I got my hair permed in 4th grade.  Never again.”

    i feel you, sabby. that is one horrible experience i hope i never relive.

  3. Soapie

    hahah. i got my hair permed in 4th grade too. lol. i feel the same way!

    oh yah! i was going to mention that vienna teng was coming to TX this week! she’s in houston tomorrow but i have to work.. =( i heart vienna tengggg… but i heart sabrina more! =D

  4. khong11

    hi sabrina!!!! i found you via janet’s site. 🙂

    hope you are doing well! how’s the AD life treatin’ ya? 🙂 have a restful sunday,


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