immigration stuff is a big deal

With all the news on immigration, I had to post this up – I definitely feel for Latinos who are affected, but this reminded me that it’s also an Asian thing..

Making it Ashore, but Still Chasing US Dream

They came to America on a rusty freighter from China in 1993, but many survivors still find citizenship elusive…

They all journeyed to America on the Golden Venture, a rusty freighter crammed with 286 Chinese immigrants when it ran aground off Queens on the night of June 6, 1993.

But a father of three who was seeking asylum from China’s one-child policy was deported back and forcibly sterilized. A teenager seeking adventure became a United States citizen, proud owner of a New Jersey restaurant praised for its translucent dumplings. And a man who swam the last 300 yards through cold, rough surf was suddenly ordered a decade later to report for deportation, with a warning to bring no more than 44 pounds of luggage, though by then he had his own business and two children born in New York.

Almost 13 years after the Golden Venture shuddered to a stop and set off a national argument about illegal immigration, the last of its smugglers has just been sent to prison, as the debate rages anew. Ten passengers died that night in a frantic swim for freedom; six of those who made it to shore escaped without a trace. But for the rest, their journeys are still unfolding in widely disparate ways, buffeted by the shifting rules and often arbitrary results of America’s immigration wars. (read the rest of the article)

I was a junior in high school when this happened.  I was sad then, reading the article made me sad all over again. 

2 thoughts on “immigration stuff is a big deal

  1. p00h67

    hey sabrina. i liked seeing you at borders. you are good people. 🙂 and i still like your hair btw. not that hair really matters. but just throwing that in the mix of my comment. man, my comments are always turing into emails. anyways. you are solid. just letting you know. 🙂 good luck catching up this week. and really, coffee one of these days.

  2. naijatexanstud

    Yeah, it doesn’t matter, but I like it too if it looks the way it does in your profile pic. You’re right, this is a big deal. Mightn’t they legalize millions soon?


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