Waterloo Records has a sale this weekend.  I stopped by to finish off a gift certificate with some ‘getting better’ music.  I ended up with:

Guns N’ Roses – Greatest Hits (i’ve been wanting this for a long time)
Derek Webb – I See things Upside Down (wanted to see what post-Caedmon’s was like. I saw Matrix in the theater with him and some others…)
Squeeze – Singles 45’s and under (had this a long time ago, and missed it)


I feel eclectic in other ways, too.  Normally, my life goes at about 85 mph, but for the past coupla weeks it’s been 10mph, and before that I was either in massive pain or high on drugs.  Slowing down lets me feel what’s really going on inside. 

When I’m flying through life I forget that I have lots of different interests, lots of things that I love and wish I could devote more time to.  Reading, music, writing, movies, practicing Cantonese, talking to HK relatives, catching up with friends, cleaning house, setting up my router, going to the doctor, updating this xanga… these are some of the things I’ve been doing, ever so slowly.  Or rather, like, one thing a day.  I get tired real easily still, and I’m still not eating as much or with as much gusto as I used to. But I had mac and cheese today thanks to Angela, and that was great!

Oh, today the doctor said that I can eat whatever I want now, and just don’t do lift any heavy things or exercise for another 2 weeks.  Things seem to be progressing, which I’m glad for. 

Thanks for all the prayers, kind comments, emails, calls,  flowers,  goldfish, plants,  etc.  It means a lot.


9 thoughts on “eclectic

  1. macewoo

    haha…anything you want doesn’t mean wendy’s fries all the time!

    It was fun chillin at last night at common with ya!
    Keep taking life as it comes 🙂

  2. naijatexanstud

    Hope you feel better soon, and that it turns out to be a good time for you regardless of the discomfort–that perhaps you get to enjoy reflecting on some of these other things.

  3. gann

    i sat next to you in the matrix with derek webb. haha. and i was wanting to marry him. and then we went to his parents’ house and he played the new CD for us (the green CD). 🙂 that was a long time ago. makes me feel old. heh.

    how is the belly? need anyone to poke it?

  4. sabbychan

    i’m feeling much better, and yes, that whole thing with derek was kinda funny. it makes me feel old, too.

    I’m feeling a lot better, getting close to 75%, which is good. and yes, I’m glad the Christianity Today article turned out well. I was nervous!


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