where I’ve been…

    2:30am, massive tummyache

      3:00am, vomiting commences… every hour or so first clear, then yellow stuff…
            pain, too tired to move, sit on floor of bathroom
      by 8am, vomiting green

                8:15am get advice on food poisoning from IV Spring Break staff
                11:42, call rachel for help on finding doctor’s #
                12something, rachel comes over with anti-nausea medicine
                12:45pm take anti-nausea med
                12:51 medicine comes back up… green
                12:55 off to emergency room

                afternoon –  lots of tests on lots of stuff.  they think it’s not food poisioning
                good friends demerol (pain med) and zofran (nausea med) help, but wear off  hours before next dose can be given…
               10something pm – admitted to hospital in room 363.  rachel finally goes home.

3.15.06    another doctor, more tests,surgeon consulted, sam, rachel, don, jason, john, and others come visit, more demerol…
3.16.06    ng tube gets put down nose into stomach to try and alleviate pressure in adbomen  (ow!) more tests.  Tiff arrives in town

3.17.06   more tests, Mom arrives in town.more pain meds.
3.18.06   think the tube worked, pull tube, try some clear liquids.  massive pain.
3.19.06   try more clear liquids.  pain.  lots of it.  massive vomiting. totally demoralizing.  ng tube goes back in.  now on delaudid – a pretty darn strong painkiller. 

3.20.06  more tests, these are less fun.  surgeon comes back around 6:30pm, and I’m in surgery around 8pm for a small bowel obstruction.  He’s able to do it laproscopically which means 3 smaller incisions as opposed to totally opening me up.  One small piece of scar tissue from surgery I had in 1988 has choked off my small intestine causing all the problems.  He cuts it, and everything looks good.

3.21.06  working on recovery, ng tube comes out in the late afternoon.  wahoo!
3.22.06  Oked for some clear liquids in the evening.  ppl continue to visit.  less pain meds. 🙂  Tiff heads back to Virginia… 😦
3.23.06 eat solid food for the first time in a very long time.  cross fingers. hook ’em! (TX advances to the Elite 8)
3.24.06  Mom brings me home to my house.  🙂


things to be thankful for:
 – Tiffanie came into town as planned, but instead of us getting to do sister stuff and see SXSW, she helped take care of me in the hospital (which is also important sister stuff…). 
– my mom flew in, and is still here, helping me get settled at home 🙂 
– the surgeon who worked on me is one of two in the area who has done an Advanced Laproscopic Fellowship – most surgeons would have had to done it via conventional surgery, which would have been a much longer recovery time
– good friends who were able to visit, call, pray, etc. special props to the good people and pastors of mosaic and also to my IV community.
– the appropriate use of narcotic pain relievers  (no kidding)
– the nurses of 3 East – North Austin Medical Center, amazing folk.  Nurses in general are really amazing people and are not appreciated enough
– the list could go on, but I gotta get some rest for this recuperating body…


10 thoughts on “where I’ve been…

  1. AgapeLuv3

    Hey Sabby!   IT’s me Viv from NYC!  I found  you through the IV Staff Blog Ring.  🙂   Got your email update.  Praying for you.  May you have a speedy recovery! 

  2. ongreatwaters

    Poor Sabrina. Get well soon, but REST before you get back to work. I know you won’t want to once you feel better, because staff-workers are allergic to rest. But your body is going to need to recover a lot from this one. Ten days in the hospital alone can do a lot of damage. I’m so sorry you got so sick. Praying for you.

    Bethany Joy

  3. naijatexanstud

    Feel better fast!  Just found out an hour ago in the brewery museum that doctors would prescribe Guinness to help patients recover more cheerily/speedily.  GUINNESS IS GOOD FOR YOU!

  4. poshdeluxe

    i’ve been praying for you, sabrina pants. i’m so so so sorry that this happened, but i’m v. v. thankful that you are on the road to recovery. can’t wait to have you back at SG!


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