Monday February 13, 2006

A few random thoughts for this week…
–   I went to my first UT sports event on Saturday, men’s basketball against Nebraska.  Wow, UT has so much school pride.  Back at Rice, we used up all our pride on our residential colleges (HFH!)… so when it comes to school pride, I guess it’s more difficult.  Basketball games are fun!

–  Fara, Andy, and I were at WHCC on Sunday, sharing about InterVarsity and giving a seminar on how to communicate with and care for your kids as they go to college.  It’s such a great church, and I felt again that even though it’s hard, it’s important for me to depend on churches and other supporters for prayers and finances.  I think my Chinese is getting better, I could read and understand some of the worship songs. 😉  (all that Cantonese karaoke paying off…)

–  I read this great Lauren Winner article today, I almost always get off the phone when I’m checking out, because it feels right, but this made me realize why:  “About a year ago, I was standing in line at the drugstore. The gal in front of me was talking on her cell phone. I (naively) assumed that when she got to the front of the line, she would hang up, or at least put her cell phone down. I was wrong. Where her turn came, Cell Phone Gal stayed stuck to her cell phone, paying for her gum, magazines, and lip gloss without so much as a hello to the cashier. It occurred to me that our gal was treating the person, the cashier, like a machine, and treating the machine like a person.”

–  I had a retreat of silence day last week.  It was really good.  I need more of those.  So do you.                          (well, you probably do, don’t you?)


3 thoughts on “Monday February 13, 2006

  1. gann

    it’s also a little difficult to have school pride for rice sports when yr teams are…basically the bottom of the barrel of D-I sports. and when yr basketball team plays its home games in what looks like a high school gym. 🙂 well, we gotta give props to rice baseball. but that’s it…


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