because it’s history in the making…

is what we told our relatives today as we watched the news of the WTO protests in Hong Kong.  Dad, Tiffanie, Jonathan, and I spent several hours in downtown HK watching police gear up for the protesters, and waiting for the marchers to arrive. 

We left as it was getting dark, to meet a ton of our relatives for dinner, but spent 45 minutes trying to walk to the nearest subway station.  There were tons of roadblocks and police in riot gear everywhere.  They were blocking off all the walkways and roads in the area…  After coming home tonight, we realized how bad it was out there, and I’m glad we didn’t really run into too much trouble.  All the businesses in the area were closed down, with shopkeepers and restaurant owners looking out on the streets from behind the metal grates.  It felt like a ghost town as we walked through trying to find the subway station.

In the end, the protesters got right up to where we had been waiting and watching for a long time.  Here’s a shot of the area before all the stuff happened – I took this in Central Plaza. 

(my sister has some better pictures i’ll try and get later)
I had to ask my little brother to clarify exactly what the issues are that people are protesting.  He was very helpful. It’s actually still going on right now, 900 people sitting out there protesting… We’ll see what happens…  Apparently, it’s the worst street violence in HK in 16 years…

The trip’s been good so far.  The food is of course, amazing.  My brother and sister are freaking hilarious.  It’s both fun and strange to see so many relatives, most of whom I haven’t seen in 14 years. 

this is your hong kong correspondent signing off.


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