of glen phillips and ethan hawke…

I finally got to see glen phillips in concert  Friday night.  It was beautiful, he played courage and easier, two of my favorite songs.  He’s so fun and laid back, and Cactus Cafe is such a great venue. 

I meant to post this awhile ago but at  bookpeople I saw an article posted about ethan hawke’s favorite books.  I was like, whoah, he reads?  But then was even more surprised to realize that one of his favorites is one of mine – ‘for the time being’ by annie dilliard.  moral of the story:  don’t judge hollywood stars. 

hello, you’ve reached the winter of our discontent…


3 thoughts on “of glen phillips and ethan hawke…

  1. nickliao

    i loved that line….and that movie.

    what’s more impressive about ethan hawke is that he’s actually an author – and supposedly a good one as well. the staff at book people vouch for the books he’s written.


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