Thursday September 29, 2005

I celebrated the cold front today with my first bike commute of the school year.  34 minutes to work, and 44 minutes on the way home.  The difference is that going to work is downhill for quite a stretch… making the ride home much more difficult.  I picked up a tip from my roommate, and wearing cleats really helped – they have hard soles, and allow for more power transfer between feet and pedals. 

I noticed a lot of kids playing outside, people walking, or hanging out – one brief respite after 8 days of record heat. 

And yes, 84 is a cold front, when the past few days have been 107. 


7 thoughts on “Thursday September 29, 2005

  1. jeepy

    ACK!!!! SAB—- (<=didn’t want to blow your cover….if you’re hiding….) YOU HAVE A XANGA!!!

    i scrolled through many many pages to find out if it’s really you!!!


    -grace park

    gut ’03


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