Wednesday September 21, 2005

Dear EKG-ers,
We are so excited that you signed up to be a part of EKG – InterVarsity’s new student conference scheduled for this weekend. 
I’m sure you’ve all seen the news, but due to the coming hurricane, we will be canceling this event.  Some of us have families coming into town and we want to be with them, and we also want to err on the side of safety. 
Many of us are hosting family and friends in the next days.  Hotels are completely full all across Texas, so if you have extra room, I’m sure there are people who are still looking for places to stay so get the word out if you have space.  We encourage you to pray, or to gather to pray during this time. 
At this point, we are unable to reschedule EKG, if that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.  Also, many of our fellowships will be having other conferences and retreats this fall that you can be a part of.  For more information, talk to student leaders, or go to the fellowships’ website, linked from
The  Joint – Sep 30, 7pm Welch 1.308
All that said, we hope you’ll make an extra effort come out to our Joint large group next week – September 30th at 7pm in Welch 1.308.  Part of the amazing thing about EKG is being with folks from other fellowships, and the Joint is held once this fall to allow us all to be together as an InterVarsity family.   

Again, please be praying.  

peace and prayers,
for InterVarsity’s Central Texas Staff Team
sabrina chan
Area Director, Central Texas
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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