Sunday August 28, 2005

New Orleans is being evacuated.  I remember watching hurricane specials that said that if a Cat 5 ever hit New Orleans it would be disastrous, the city normally has to pump out water because it’s below sea level, but now…. Yikes.

Spent some time watching and the evacuation.  There’s a (looks like) Asian American police official telling people, “if you’re stubborn and haven’t left yet, you should have let yesterday, you better haul ass and get outta here.”  Wow.  Maybe it’s because my house is on the market and everything, but it is really making me think about what that must be like in New Orleans.  They’re talking about, if you choose to stay, better have tools to bust through your attic in case you get floodd up there and need to bust through the roof.  Natural disasters mess me up.

But in the back of my head, and I can’t make it go away, is this nagging feeling… at least they have warning, at least they have warning… and cars to get out…. the tsunami victims didn’t have any of that.


3 thoughts on “Sunday August 28, 2005

  1. uloveariel

    you know.. because new orleans is below the sea level, the tombs in its cemeteries are above the ground, like they dont “bury” the caskets underground. i learned that in my population geography class. i thought it was interesting.

    mmm yeah, how much better off are we here bc of technology

  2. Soapie

    yea.. it’s pretty chaotic in NO right now. calvin evacuated last night at 2 am and arrived in houston at 8:30 am this morning. he said it took him 30 minutes to wait for gas (which is relatively short), and the freeway was packed, bumper to bumper. 

    even though these people have warning to leave (in comparison to the tsunami), the city still is in need of prayer.  new orleans happens to be the poorest city in america, with over 100,000 people who cannot evacuate because they don’t have cars and cannot afford to leave.  i heard that the mayor said, “we will not have enough body bags.”

  3. m1nts

    the police offical is harry lee haha…the “cajun asian”
    i don’t see how people are going to escape the water…the water is literally all around you…


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