Thursday August 25, 2005

In answer to a few people’s comments last time, I hope to move to somewhere in austin closer to friends from my church, mosaic.  There are 2-3 neighborhoods I’m looking at, those being some of the most affordable neighborhoods a little closer in town than where I am now.  I want to move so I can bike more, and perhaps get a little bit smaller place.  I want to take care of money well (that is, be able to give a lot away), and to be closer to friends. 

It feels like a new phase in  life in austin – accepting the Area Director role with InterVarsity and starting a new season of ministry… I think that’s why I got all sentimental about the gatherings that had happened here.  It’s sad to take a step back from AACM, but exciting to see what God is putting before me now.

Anyway, there’s a for sale sign in my yard now.  It’s weird to think that if someone wanted to buy the place, I’d have to start looking immediately for another place to live.  Scary, all the unknown of it.  But, I’m trusting that God knows what I need community-wise, as well as financial stewardship-wise.

Today, I got a coupon in the mail because there’s a new Ben and Jerry’s in town, that’s exciting.  Also, there were 600 glowsticks delivered to my front door.  Yay for F4… (or for a happenin’ party at my place).


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