Tuesday August 2, 2005

This is turning into a home improvement log, eh?  Two weekends ago I took some time off (from everything) when Katie was in town.  That was so very fun – we listened to lots of KGSR, went to bookpeople, little city, whole foods, mr. & mrs. smith, REI, curra’s with georgeann, jesse, and liz, and mosaic.  We also (and this is the home improvement part) finished painting the upstairs bedroom.

I went to Houston for some supporter appointments, which was really really encouraging.  I got to be at WHCC, and was part of a panel for the Parenting Sunday School Class… the topic was “When I was a teenager I wish my parents had known…”  It was impressive that there were some 80 parents there wanting to know.   Y’all WHCCers have parents who are trying!

Got back sunday and preached at church Sunday night.  God was gracious as I didn’t have super long to prepare.  In home improvement news, Rebekah and I did the yard last night, and contractors are replacing the siding that was damaged by hail.  And today, Erin came over and helped me re-paint the downstairs bathroom.  Yikes.

So since I can’t go to ACL fest this year, I’m selling my tickets on ebay.  I hope to use the money I make to help pay for tickets to Virginia for my 10 year high school reunion in September.  We overachievers are late, it was supposed to be last year! 


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