Monday July 11, 2005

home improvement weekend

On Saturday John Sleeba and I spent some time putting up track lighting in my kitchen.  It looks snazzy, maybe I’ll post a picture later.  The track is brushed steel and the light fixtures are blue.  I like it – the white light really brings out the red in the floor (saltillo tile).  We had to take 2 trips to Lowe’s because the first time we had bought the wrong size screws.  That was a bummer, but on the 2nd trip, the helpful Lowe’s guy pointed out the tool hanging in between the walls of screws.  It was a board that had different sizes of screws, where you could bring the screw you needed, and try it in the different sockets until it matched one.  I’m not sure how we missed it on the first trip, but it was a good thing to learn about.

On Sunday I worked on cleaning out the sunroom and worked in the yard.  Multiple eprops to Meson, Lina, and Yeeland for coming over to help move all these branches/limbs into a brushpile.  Today is “Large Brush Pickup” in my neighborhood, so I had to move it all over.  It doesn’t look that impressive in this picture, but the pile is about 4 feet tall, 10 feet long and 7 feet deep. 🙂

other than that, not much else has been going on – i’ve been getting up and going to the gym, then making my way to the office for what feels like long days.  I think this is what routine is like. 🙂

I’ve gotten to pray a lot for friends who are all over the world this summer… cairo, oakland, manila, xinjiang….weird, I’ve been to 3 outta 4 of those sites. 

Lastly, I’ve decided that since my 24 hour fitness became a Lance Armstrong 24 hour fitness, it’s easier to be motivated while there.  It’s a little strange, almost like a shrine – with all the quotes and big pictures of him.  But it’s a motivator.  With all these pictures it makes me think, “c’mon, if Lance is out there pounding up the Alps, I can do one more pull-up!”

that is all.


4 thoughts on “Monday July 11, 2005

  1. p00h67

    maybe i should go work out with you. i need to get motivated.

    i loveeee the track lighting and i miss the house. i’m keeping that picture.


  2. aguafresca

    i wish i could have been there to help you.  i bet the blue light fixtures look good with the blue paint reba picked out.  we spent the day rafting down the salmon river.  i love the west.  miss you!


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