biking in Austin…

Going home today, I apologized to another cyclist who I was afraid I had inconvenienced… As he pulled in behind me, he replied, “No need to say sorry, this is Austin!”  It kinda made my day, that yes, I live in Austin and cyclists are nice to each other… and it was such a beautiful day.  I like the way cycling makes me ‘slow down’ – I get to pay attention to people walking their dogs or kids playing outside.  I can hear my own breathing, notice the work I have to do with my legs.  I feel the wind rush past me.  There’s something about it that helps me gain perspective that driving a car doesn’t.  Maybe it’s actually being there, interacting with the world not from inside glass and metal.  Also, it makes me feel just a little like a kid again. 🙂

Oh yeah, the giving up meat for Lent thing is going really well.  I could probably even get used to this.


2 thoughts on “biking in Austin…

  1. Laffffalot

    i love days like that! 🙂

    by your inspiration and another biker i met the other day (who at one time biked 18 mi each way to work everyday!) I rode my bike to work and even ran a couple errands yesterday, in total biking about 9 mi.  too bad heb doesn’t have bike racks.


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