Wednesday February 2, 2005

it’s an old school night.  according to this album came out in 1992.  that’s almost half my life ago. 

this is my favorite CD for unfavorite days.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday February 2, 2005

  1. poshdeluxe

    dude, i freaking LURVE that album. it brings back a lot of memories for me too… and the music never fails to empathize with my mood, whether it’s dark or light.

  2. paulmaney

    That right there is a quality Compact Disc. 🙂 It is a favorite driving CD of mine when I am driving across the state (esp. when it’s overcast). I love CD’s like that where you can pop it in and let it play straight through.

  3. sabbychan

    heh, maybe it was because that was a freaking hard year. of course, you made me feel better a lot. 🙂 for real! tonight, i am playing the sequel, ‘congratulations, i’m sorry.’


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