Friday January 28, 2005

So today the washing machine saga is over.  Monday, a technician came to look at it because I couldn’t find anything wrong with the switches with my voltmeter.  He was impressed that I had taken it apart myself and fixed the motor coupler.  He told me if i ever needed a job to talk to him… and then found that the transmission on the machine had locked up, which is why it didn’t work even though I fixed the other thing.  So since the transmission is still under limited warranty, I needed to call Whirlpool to get them to send someone over.  He came today and replaced the transmission, so now the washing machine works and I (and my roommates) have clean clothes.  If you ever have a washer problem, I can help you out.

Got to see Steven Delopolous at the Cactus Cafe on Monday night (with p00h67!)  It was great stress relief.  Amazing how music can hit me so hard and remind me of the things I love about life. 

In other news, check out angry asian man for the latest on the racist tsunami song.  I especially like Jin’s response. 


4 thoughts on “Friday January 28, 2005

  1. sabbychan

    haha, i don’t do electricity very well! that whole, you know, electrical engineering thing gave me a great respect for it. 🙂 the CD is great, clara, except that my car’s cd player died today…. 😦


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