Thursday January 20, 2005

Tonight, after mosaic community group, I took apart my washing machine.  Right before Christmas, it stopped working.  I did a little online research and discovered a very common problem with direct-drive washers – the motor coupler breaking.  After a half hour’s worth of work, I had taken apart my whole washer and found my particular broken motor coupler – I used this very helpful site to tell me how to do it.  Now to buy the part and put it back together.

Yay for former engineers. 🙂  It’s annoying that it’s broke, but I’m glad I’m saving $85 by doing it myself!


5 thoughts on “Thursday January 20, 2005

  1. p00h67

    wait, you are an alias fan!? i’m obsessed. and i hate that b/c now i will feel the pangs of pain while i’m in class and the clock strikes 8pm.

  2. starbex

    Pretty impressive that you took apart your washer! 🙂

    I would have NO idea how to do that. I’m happy that I knew enough to defrost my refrigerator! Take care, Sabrina.


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