Friday December 31, 2004

running up the down
The other night I was with my sister and parents at Stony Point mall.  It’s one of those ‘outdoor’ malls which have no business being in cold places – all the shops are inside, but there’s no building surrounding it all, just walkways and elevators and escalators.  Oh, I guess the food court’s inside.

Anyway, we were heading home and approaching the escalators when my sister dared me to run up the down escalator.  I took a quick look around to see if there were any people around and there weren’t… so I handed her my Bath and Body works semi-annual sale bag and took off. 

I started off doing every other step but switched to hitting every step when it felt like I wasn’t going anywhere.  For a little while I was still going at the same speed as my Dad and sister on the up escalator, but then I kicked it into high gear.  Nearing the top, I was excited that I had made it, but then, it happened.  My scientist dad pointed out later that at the top, the steps are different sizes, and it would be hard to keep one’s balance as the sizes are different… I totally wiped out, banging my left knee and catching myself with my hands.  I was OK though, I was at the top, and spun around to sit down.

But I had lost my slip-on shoes.  They were getting taken down the escalator…. all lonely-like, while my family and some other family with little kids traveled up the escalator wondering why there were shoes going down.  Tiffanie went back and got me my shoes.  When she got back she said, “Way to be a bad example for those little kids… I didn’t think you would do it!”

ha!  I had to go home and ice my bad knee because I got a pretty good bruise… but it was worth it.


6 thoughts on “Friday December 31, 2004

  1. beulahland

    ahhh, you’re lucky you didn’t get hurt too badly. i did the very same thing when I was 16. all my friends had been running up the down escalator and  I was being safe not doing it, until finally i just decided to.

    right at the top, i fell. i didn’t realize til just now that it must have been because of the different sizes at the top.

    mall security came and took my picture. my parents came and took me to the emergency and now i still have 2 scars on my left knee where the grooves of the escalator went in.


  2. poshdeluxe

    dude, way to accept the escalator challenge. i used to do that all the time when i was a kid (when my mom wasn’t looking, of course!). i’m glad yr shoes got rescued.


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