Tuesday December 28, 2004

December 28 is the day the church remembers the infants in Bethelem that Herod had killed while looking for Jesus.  It’s called the commemoration of the holy innocents.  I couldn’t help think about that last night as I read that at least a third of the victims of the tsunami were children because they were least able to grab onto something to stay near land. 

On NPR yesterday, a Sri Lankan journalist was explaining that before the massive wave hit, some of the water got sucked back into the sea first, leaving lots of fish on the sand.  Many children went out to pick up some of the fish, and so when the wave came, were instantly washed out to sea. 

“Remember, LORD, how short life is,* how frail you have made all flesh.”  Psalm 89:47

There’s not really any consolation, but I am thankful that the church chooses to remember those who died two millenia ago. 

In case you haven’t seen – these are all the organizations taking donations – go to this network for good page to give online.

ps – I don’t _always_ write about this kind of heavy stuff, but it’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot these last few days.  I’ve done other things too… Yesterday I got to spend a lot of time reading, journaling, and doing a crossword puzzle.  I also went to workout with my gym-rat brother and wrote some late Christmas cards.  Maybe you’ll hear more about my life later. 

Oh.  one funny thing.  I finally got the new Mindy Smith CD because I saw her perform live at Border’s and wow, it was amazing.  We put the CD into my sister’s computer to listen to and the genre shows up as ‘Country.’  Oy.  I guess I got my first country CD though I wouldn’t call her that.  😉


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