Wednesday December 1, 2004

some recs
I wanted to take a second to rave about a few thing that I’ve read recently.  I love reading, so you might see more recommendations here soon. 

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri – it’s her first novel, but she won the Pulitzer for a compilation of short stories recently.  The first few chapters talk about Bengali immigrant parents welcoming their new baby in the States, without all of their family around …  and gave me a vivid picture of what it might have been like for my parents.  I want to read Interpreter of Maladies next…

I’m currently working on Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire by Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat.  Because I haven’t read it all yet, I’m gonna quote from a review:  

“Colossians Remixed
is a book which reads the biblical text in context and analyzes the world — consumerism and the role of mass media, globalization, postmodernism, the massive reality of the suffering of the poor, the savaging of the land, contemporary angst and social disquiet, idolatries and ideologies — to create a living, experimental interpretation of the ancient text. They insist (and make the case persuasively) that this book of the Bible can nurture a subversive resistance to the forces of the idols of our time. In other words, it is significantly informative about the Bible and seriously but creatively committed to bold proclamation of the good news that emerges from the text.”

 So far, they’ve talked about how Colossians subversive against Pax Romana (where Caesar was god) and how it’s still counter-cultural now, in Pax Americana with consumerism and the almighty dollar being the gods.  They gave an interpretation (targum) of verses 1-14 that was astonishing. Plus, they’re a married couple – both scholars, pretty cool. 🙂

And tonight, I watched Maya Lin: Strong Clear Vision (netflix is awesome).  I didn’t realize she was only 20 and entered the Vietnam War Memorial competition as a project for her college class.  They show her courage in facing the controversy and investigations of the design – Pat Buchanan tried to say that some of the judges were communists!  And there were lots of letters protesting that a ‘gook’ was designing the memorial.  But she has gone on to do so much more – the Civil Rights memorial in Montgomery Alabama, work in Penn Station, Yale, and much more.  So cool. 

One non-recommendation –
I happened to see Kelly Clarkson performing on Jay Leno as I turned off the DVD… She sang these lines…
But since you’ve been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I’m so moving on

… At that point I burst out laughing because she used ‘i’m so moving on’ as a rhyme … and was doing these dramatic stage gestures along with her singing… Maybe you had to be there. 


3 thoughts on “Wednesday December 1, 2004

  1. shares317

    Interesting.  They just had an obscure reference to Maya Lin in yesterday’s Gilmore Girls talking about that same Vietnam War memorial submission and how it was chosen over her professor’s submission, the same professor who gave her an only average score on that assignment.

  2. Laffffalot

    Oh!  I saw The Namesake in the airport a few months ago and almost bought it for the plane ride, and then chose The Poisonwood Bible instead (on recommendation)…which may have been a mistake.  Been thinking about picking it up ever since….

  3. beulahland

    Back in February or March I saw a post on a blog about Colossians Remixed. I really wanted to read it, but I don’t think it was available yet—-I couldn’t find it on Amazon or anything. And so then I forgot about it, til I read what you said here.

    I really want to read it still.

    I found your xanga blog a long time ago. I always wanted to comment but I never got around to setting up my own xanga site.

    Happy New Year!

    ~Brenda in Arizona


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