Friday November 19, 2004

I wrote this last night.

ER ended tonight and I saw the beginning of the 10:00 news.  Today, Aggies remembered those who died while working on bonfire.  The newscaaster spoke in matter of fact, but sober tones as she talked about the 5 year anniversary of the tragedy.

Five years!  I vividly remember when I heard the news, well, I actually read it – the news came in the form of an update on my super-fancy pager.  I clicked on the hotel TV after saying a quick prayer for my friends on staff at A&M.  It was my first business trip.  I was staying in a hotel in half Moon Bay, California – a gorgeous, coastal town just a short drive to Silicon Valley.  By day, I was taking a Cisco computer networking class.  In the evenings, visiting a friend, driving around the Bay Area, and visiting the Cisco POC (proof of concept lab). 

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years, so much has happened since then, and yet it seems so recent.  The Sabrina who took that class went on to do several more and work her way up the networking ladder.  Parts of it were really fun, and others so excruciating.  Coke machines that needed no money, corridors at AIM Funds, meetings with IT managers, earning the respect of all these engineers.  Still, there were the 3am phone calls, network outages with managers demanding results.  Long hours, high pay.  HIGH pay.  Oh, and nice business trips.  Today, I’m nostalgic for it.  I don’t want to be there, but I remember it fondly. 

I’ve learned a ton since then, I’m thankful for where I am now.  I have no desire to really BE that age again, but maybe I’d like to visit for a little while. 

Strange how a news anniversary can spark such vivid memories.


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