Thursday October 21, 2004

check out this bbcnews photo essay about filipino workers in hong kong.

My family used to go back to Hong Kong every few years when  I was younger.  When my mom’s younger siblings started having children, they had Filipina nannies taking care of their kids.  I remember asking my mom a little bit about it, and whether she thought it was strange.  Sometimes my relatives talked condescendingly to their nanny/servant, I couldn’t figure out which way it worked.  I’m sure there are tones of ethnic superiority there… 

I talked to the woman who took care of my baby twin cousins once.  She told me that she had children back home, and I remember being so sad for her.  It’s been 15 years since then, and it kills me that there’s another generation of Filipino kids growing up without their parents.  It also means that Hong Kong kids are growing up seeing very little of their parents. 

There’s a whole book on this stuff, Maid to Order in Hong Kong : An Ethnography of Filipina Workers

In other news, it’s gotten hot and humid here again, so much so that I haven’t been able to bike commute this week.  So far, the bike commute count is still 2 round trips, and my fastest one-way time is 45 minutes.

I also watched a documentary on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, author of “Life Together” and “The Cost of Discipleship.” Amazing guy who could have escaped to America but chose to go back to Germany to encourage the church and not run away. He stood up for Jews and got invovled with a plot to get rid of Hitler. Just after getting engaged, he was arrested when an assassination attempt failed, and he was executed just as the war was ending. Watching the documentary made me start reading his unfinished book, Ethics.

It has a lot to say about following Jesus and governments, relationships, etc. Both the documentary and the book are helping me realize what standing against injustice might look like. I’m only on page 26 – looking forward to finishing.


2 thoughts on “Thursday October 21, 2004

  1. Laffffalot

    hey! i was thinking about biking to work as well!!  The commute for me would probably only take 20 minutes though 🙂 but IBM doesn’t have any bike racks!!!  Work being only 2 miles away, I thought I’d try jogging to work today, but then I woke up too late 😦 I need DISCIPLINE!

    BTW, there’s an express bus that heads straight to campus from the park and ride off of Oak Knoll in North Austin if you need another option.

  2. gann

    my grandma has a filipino lady taking care of her. she lives at my dad’s place in taiwan with my dad and grandma. i got to talk to her a little bit when i was in taipei the last few weeks.


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