Saturday September 25, 2004

Every now and then I like to listen to the classic rock station.  The other day i heard ACDC’s “back in black” on the radio, and was immediately transported to Rice campus – walking across the quad.  Each week the Sid Rich stacks would kick off Friday afternoons with that theme song.  I was usually on my way back from class or work, or on my way to flag football practice, or senior year, on my way to dj at ktru

There are lots of good memories – the camraderie of Hanszen women’s football, all the food and fun at the yearly Gillis-Camacho study break, and late night TC and House of Pies runs… I love the creativity, zaniness, and drivenness (sometimes) of Rice students.  I miss the college system, the silly competitiveness and cheers, beer bike, 80s parties, musicals… I miss prayer in the chapel, late-night archi school visits, and lego robots.  But most of all, I miss the people. 

I remembered all this tonight b/c I saw a UT student’s ticket to the game tomorrow. 

To those who are about to get obliterated by the Texas Longhorns, we salute you.  Still, there was October 16, 1994.  Rice 19, Texas 17.  Once every ten years, maybe?


6 thoughts on “Saturday September 25, 2004

  1. elalauine

    haha, u rice kids are pretty *special*!  haha 🙂  i still remember meeting u for the first time when i went to go visit marilyn at rice when yall were roommates.  she was out and i was tired so u just told me to sleep in her bed.  🙂  and then she had to sleep on the floor when she got back.  haha.

  2. sabbychan

    haha, wow elaine, yah, cuz you and shelley visited the same weekend i think, right? ah… marilyn used to sleep on her sleeping bag all the time b/c she wouldn’t sleep in her bed until she showered – silly sophomore. As a wise junior, I thought that was weird. just kidding. Gosh, those were the days.

  3. MrCraphead

    Whoa, I didn’t know you DJed for the student radio station on campus! that’s awesome! we should start up a radio station for AACM, named Smooth Jazz 101 w/ your host Sabrina Chan. Of course, you’d have to do the whole program in one of those whispery, sexy voices like all jazz DJ’s do, like they’re trying to seduce the microphone or something…..


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