Friday August 27, 2004

Tonight I watched the highlights and interviews with the US Women’s Soccer team that just won gold.  They’ve been playing pro soccer since I was on the high school soccer team.  Three of the originals are retiring this year and really wanted the gold again.  It was obvious that they cared a lot about each other, a love that came from a common mission and shared experiences. 

I think that’s why I like “The West Wing” so much.  No matter your politics, it is so neat to watch a team that believes in something try and fight for it.  When Josh compliments CJ on the way she handled a press briefing, or did something well, it’s not just that it was a good job, but something meaningful.  Of course, it is nice that a lot of the views or issues brought up on the show really intrigue me… but the fact that they are working for something they believe in together, wow, that’s powerful. 

The team is what makes “West Wing” different from “Alias” (that’s a whole nother post though), that they’re a real team, not just a hodgepodge of folks you’re not sure you can trust.  And the mission is what makes it different from “Friends,” where there’s a group but they’re not really doing anything.

I love the fact that I’ve gotten to be on so many awesome teams working for things we believe in.  It’s a gift not everyone gets. 


5 thoughts on “Friday August 27, 2004

  1. shares317

    hrm, maybe THAT’s why i like the west wing so much 🙂  i think also…the topics are so interesting (and uncannily relevant to today’s political drama) that it makes me see things from different perspectives.  one thing that has stuck is how a $100 hammer for the army is viewed…used to think it was excessive, but that scene explained part of why the excess can be warranted at times.

  2. sabbychan

    no, i didn’t! but apparently all these other people did. my sister pointed out that with nomar getting traded, it’s possible she might move, which means i have very little time to make friends. haha.

  3. p00h67

    sabby. i love that! SABBBBBBBBBBBBBBY.

    my eyes are about to die. i must get off this computer. how were the sad accordians. tell my sister she’s also in hero category! =) haha.

    alias is good. but im shallow and i enjoy the superifical drama of it all. i watched it straight for 4 hours. i guess im that part of society that keeps shows like this on. the one that enjoys the backstabbing nature and suspense of it all.

    haha. ok. im typing alot. as usual. but i hope austin is awesome. i want to be there.


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