Monday July 26, 2004

since I like reading things online, and I like passing things on – here are a few links I’ve found interesting in the last week or two –

“what would you do if you were caught in a genocide?” a Kristof article about a missionary in Rwanda 10 years ago…

Global Urban Trek – Cairo some Northwestern engineers trying to help a garbage village recycle tetrapec so they can make more money and be more efficient…

GUT – Bangkok students working with disabled children…

west wing fan site i’ve spent a ton of time in seasons 1-3 this summer, the interesting thing is fans of the show are trying to get it cancelled b/c the season 5 plot was so terrible – NBC had gotten rid of aaron sorkin (original writer) and so the show’s gotten a little ridiculous… but I’m looking forward to the season 3 and 4 DVDs. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Monday July 26, 2004

  1. Laffffalot

    hey sabrina.  The book you’re reading sounds interesting.  It reminds me of a time I got really mad at my history teacher in high school who tried to excuse the Mai Lai massacre by saying that the soldiers didn’t know because “they all looked the same.”  😦

  2. shares317

    some interesting links…

    ricky and i were talking about how interesting it is that people these days hold onto “their life” so much.  it’s rare that you hear of many people willing to die for their cause.  maybe that’s why stories of people like mr. wilkens are so amazing and make us go “i could never do that”, because we cling so tightly onto this life that really isn’t ours to keep.  we also noticed this in the rise of neonatal care.  whereas people 100 years ago accepted life and death as normal passings of life, today we stress life so much that our race is weakened by those attempts.  not that strength is the answer, but sometimes spending $100 million on a neonatal child or making someone endure multiple rounds of chemotherapy aren’t the answers, either.

  3. sabbychan

    Yes, the book is really interesting… Man that makes me mad about your teacher saying that, Jennifer… actually there’s a whole section in the book that talks about the vietnam war and how our history books don’t talk about it… and how our books are just designed to give us one dimensional heroes to look up to… compelling stuff.

    i guess also, ppl 100 years ago, and many people in the two thirds world today accept death as normal passings of life. I read a quote once that said it’s the people who have the most “control” over their lives that have a hard time with tragedy – ppl who have access to lots of medical care, cars, house insurance, etc… whereas those who don’t have as much, and don’t have as much control over their lives just know that sometimes bad stuff happens…. i’m butchering the quote, but…


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