Friday July 9, 2004

Tonight, the Chan siblings watched “Spellbound” the documentary about 8 kids in the 1999 National Spelling Bee.  It was super-interesting, especially some of the parents.  And robot-voice kid.  Wow – it’s worth watching.  My brother really wanted to pick some Val Kilmer action flick, and I was kinda going for “Whale Rider” but in the end, we (Tiffanie and I) decided that Spellbound would be a good compromise, that Jonathan would like it even though he was protesting.  We also survived our first ride in the car with my little brother driving, the only near-mishap as he pulled out of the driveway narrowly (and I mean narrowly!  I shut my eyes!) missing my sister’s parked car. 

In other news, I’ve been reading Nicholas Kristof (NY Times Columnist) and this slideshow of Darfur, Sudan is pretty compelling.  This journalist went there, and wrote bunches of columns in order to bring more attention to the crisis there.  Makes me admire journalists. 


4 thoughts on “Friday July 9, 2004

  1. poshdeluxe

    dude, i LURVE spellbound. it totally highlights why documentary is my favorite genre. oh man. i love the mom who shows the camera her “bee happy” pad, as if we’ve never seen this twist in words before… and i LOVE the ADD kid: “do i sound like a musical robot?!”


    if you want to rent another documentary, you MUST see “hands on a hard body” if you haven’t already… it’s not what you think. trust me.

  2. Neva8

    Spellbound definitely rocks– I saw it at the Angelika when it first came out, and then I saw it again with a friend a couple weeks back…my fave is the girl who ” feels like she is in a movie because she “rises above her trials and tribulations.”

    It’s funny– I went up to Austin last weekend for Kir’s shower and finally got to see your house!

  3. Neva8

    oh, in answer to your question– my knee is doing a lot better!  i think i’m at 95%– some clicks and stiffness (usually after i work out or after a long road trip), and sometimes i get a little scared when i land on my right foot and feel a little instability, but for the most part, it’s a drastic improvement from my times in pt 🙂

    good luck with yours– i feel a bond with you 🙂


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