Monday June 21, 2004

On my flight back to Richmond, I had a stopover at DFW, like any good American Airlines flight.  It was crowded, so I plopped down to wait in the same row as a cute little family.  As I snacked on my french fries, I soon discovered that they were cute, but a bit disturbing.  The 5-year old son was watching Shrek on one of those personal DVD players, with headphones on, periodically singing along to “who let the dogs out?”  That in itself was sorta sad (why couldn’t he walk around and see things in the airport?), but a little funny.  Meanwhile, the mom listened to her sleek ipod bouncing away to what I imagine was the Dixie Chicks, who really knows?  And dad, not to be left out, was playing with his toy – a digital SLR camera – taking 50 pictures of his cute little son watching TV. 

The son would ask for the DVD to be restarted, yelling, b/c he had headphones on – and then Mom would realize he was talking to her, and yell back over her music… all while Dad kept taking pictures. 

I’m no Luddite, but what’s going on here?


8 thoughts on “Monday June 21, 2004

  1. shue


    what’s a Luddite. HAha.

    i told my sister about your story hahaha… we both marveled at the cute/weirdness…

  2. evanescent

    That’s one family thoroughly enjoying the 21st century. Nothing to worry about, just an unusual sight. Troublesome decadence is in the form of six-car garages and thirty-room mansions.

  3. sabbychan

    Luddites are ppl who are anti-technology, at one time in US history they were a particular organized group, I forget when – but they like campaigned against technology and stuff.

    i am a bit disturbed by their decadence, but more so by the way it kept this family from actually enjoying each other and talking… everyone in their own little world.  and it was just like a 20 minute wait for the flight! 

  4. hongkongsuperstar

    hmm, is it weird that I don’t find it weird?  I mean, would it had been any different if the kid was playing on a game boy and the mom was reading a novel and the dad was reading the newspaper?  If that scene is acceptable to you, then perhaps you ARE a Luddite.  >]

    In regards to them not talking to each other, I would estimate my actual conversatino time with my family is probably less than 20% of the day, even though I’m at home the whole time.  Someone’s watching TV, someone’s doing the bills, someone’s getting huge and buff (me), etc..  Often we are all within 10 feet of each other, but we certainly don’t talk the whole time.


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