Friday June 18, 2004

Today, as my Outlook calendar helpfully reminds me, students are arriving for the global urban trek. In another ‘choose your own adventure’ path, I’d be there, welcoming students, planning orientation, co-directing the Manila trip. I used to like choose your own adventure books a lot, but always keep a finger in the page where you made a crucial decision just in case you don’t like where it branched you to…

But in my current thread, I’m here at my parent’s house in Richmond, VA, trying to write a talk for a junior high/high school youth group meeting tonight. I’ve done a lot of driving-my-brother-around, random chores, and trying to help my sister feel more comfortable (chemotherapy makes one feel pretty terrible). I’ve also done a lot of prayer/support letter type stuff to people who give so that I can be on staff.

I’m glad to be here, but sad to not be in LA, headed to Manila. I’m gonna miss Filipino culture, and learning from the amazing ministers/activists/workers I met there last year.  I’ll miss the food, the community, and being part of a team.  There’s not so much a team, here at home – mostly it’s just me – talking to donors, speaking at church, being in my family. 

But then again, lots of people could help lead students in Manila, but no one could really walk into my family and be a part of it… so here I am. 

If you happen to read this, i’d appreciate your prayers for me and my family.  and you know, also for the kids on the trek, I feel like I know them since I read all their apps and accepted them… 😉


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