Friday June 4, 2004

last night i saw the movie “super size me”  – it’s the documentary (but a really entertaining documentary) about a guy who eats only McDonald’s for 30 days to see what will happen.  anyone reading this should go see it.  i mean, everyone knows fast food is bad for you, but i didn’t realize HOW bad.  dear me.  the movie website is  and then, in a sorta related thing –  is owned by McDonald’s and is this whole marketing thing by them.  I kinda can’t believe it. 

In the movie, Morgan talks about how marketers hook kids really young, at school, during commercials, etc, and for McD’s, it’s the “happy” meal and birthday parties.  i remember a birthday party or two that i had at mcdonald’s, and how fun it was to be at playland.  perhaps i’m a product of mcdonald’s marketing.  i love chicken mcnuggets, but after seeing the movie….. 😦



9 thoughts on “Friday June 4, 2004

  1. romyolivia

    i don’t know what the movie says in it, but i think it’s still probably okay for you to eat chicken mcnuggets if you want, as long as you don’t eat it every day…

  2. sabbychan

    well… i read fast food nation awhile ago, and knew it mentally, but watching a cartoon about how chicken nuggets get made… now that’s stuck with me!

  3. poshdeluxe

    yeah, i read fast food nation too AND saw the movie… and i definitely wouldn’t eat mcnuggets. or anything else from mcdonald’s. blech.

    the only fast food places i still feel “ok” about eating at are chic-fil-a and occasionally taco cabana. i don’t really have a defense… i just can’t give these places up (PLUS neither company was mentioned in fast food nation…if that’s any comfort).

  4. tiff_o

    do you remember that birthday party at the mcdonalds in hong kong that you had with all of puo-puo’s (poor transliteration) friend’s kids?  there’s videotape of that and we both look amazingly pitiful and confused.

    do kids have birthday parties at mcd’s anymore?  i mean, with lasertag and chuckie cheese, does mcd’s even factor in?

  5. romyolivia

    i read fast-food nation too, and that also kind of stuck with me, for some reason especially the part about how they make colors out of ground-up beetles. gross.

    yeah i miss taco c. a lot. and the fries at chic-fil-a. i get out of a lot of bad fast-food stuff because i am vegetarian.

  6. nickliao

    a couple weeks ago, i was an extra in a mcdonalds commercial filmed in houston. 😦 i guess that’s not really sticking it to the man, but they paid me and i was short on cash!

    how’s the new patty griffin record?

  7. sabbychan

    yes, george, i know about you and mcnuggets.  now they’re all ‘white meat’ – you happy now? 😉

    the new patty griffin is amazing.

  8. hongkongsuperstar

    how come documentaries are always negative?  why don’t the documentaries create realistic situations and ridicule the idiots instead?  I’m not a fan of any fast food joint, but where’s the balance?  It makes me sad that people will watch films like this and Fahrenheit 9/11, miss out on a large part of the reality behind them, and think that they are seeing the big picture.  >[

    haha, if you can’t tell, I’m anti-propaganda, so I’ll leave you with three Christopher Huang originals:

    “Through an acidic enough person, any grand feast, no matter how delicious and beautiful, will end up as crap.”

    “In front of an anorexic, the perfect mirror is the perfect weapon.”

    “A half-open eye, looking through a perfectly clear window, will only see half the picture.”



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