Sunday May 30, 2004

yesterday was a good austin day – getting to hang out at my fave cafe/bookstore for awhile, journaling, reading, etc… and then having friends drive in from outta town to go to the shearwater/okkervil river show.  i’d never seen the bands before but always heard good things.  they’re really good, and it was especially fun to see them with ppl who really like them, and lots of folks from mosaic.

yesterday my med school friends (in from outta town) were talking about scabies – a type of sorta skin lice that i’m familiar with b/c one of the trek students got it last year from living in a garbage village in manila.  and it made me remember how hard it is in the impoverished parts there… [big disclaimer:  manila itself has some amazingly rich places, but the poor places are usually right next door, so we can’t hide from poverty.  here in the states, there is lots of poverty, but the systems do a good job of making sure it’s on the other side of the freeway, or the street, or only in certain neighborhoods.]

anyway, thinking about manila made me really sad that i won’t be going this summer.  i’m glad i’m able to be in Virginia, but every yes to something means no to something else, and i’m sad about the ‘no’ to this one. 

so, manila folks, know that i’m praying for you… and that God will wreck your life as much as He did mine – i say wreck because i know that i can’t live the same as i did before, so it ‘wrecked’ what i thought i would be like. 

a sidenote on scabies – there is medicine for it, that our student used, but i guess what is hard to remember is that there are thousands of kids who have it there, who just live with it…  and i complain when i get bit by a mosquito.


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