Saturday April 3, 2004

I’ve neglected my poor little xanga for awhile.  There’s a lot to possibly write about…  wonderful times in Berkeley, CA, a great staff conference in LA, a trip to Manila while swinging by Bangkok, learning a lot about cancer, old friends leaving, new responsibilities, and jetlag, lots of jetlag.

Some of the same things keep bouncing around in my head.  I’d heard that Asian airlines have the best service in the world – mostly what that means is really good food.  Seriously, the meals I had on  Thai airlines were great!  But especially after we left Manila, I was reminded of something I thought of last summer – with all the technology we have to be able to provide good food for me as I fly over the Pacific, why can’t we figure out how to get food to people who need it more than me?  Is it that it’s not that profitable?  because those people can’t pay?  I’m really not sure – it’s a really complex problem. 

It was really good to be in Manila, I really love the culture, the people, not to mention the food… but it was also hard to be at some of the sites for only a few hours.  It’s really jarring to be at a garbage village or slum one day, and then be in a supersize mall, or two days later be back in LA. 

I found an interesting site awhile ago, but haven’t had a chance to write about it.  As much as we can complain about money, or not having much, this put it into perspective.   I’m apparently in the 8.26% richest in the world, even as a ‘poor’ staffworker.  Very strange to wrap my brain around the idea that at my highest income, I was at .622%.  

This site reminds me how accountable I am to God for what He has given me.  I need to be a good manager of it. 



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