Monday January 26, 2004

and i’ll be back up on my feet before you know it
i’ll be back up on my feet before too long… (glen phillips)

My friend Ellen was in town from DC and it was really fun… I don’t get to see her much, but it’s so good when I do.  As a bonus, she brought me the glen phillips album ‘live at largo.’ In case you don’t know, he’s the former lead singer of toad the wet sprocket… a band we all miss a lot. anyway, that lyric is super-inspiring right now. 🙂 

So it’s been almost a week since surgery, and in some ways it’s not bad, and in others, it’s hard.  Compared to what I remember from this surgery 5 years ago, I’ve been more mobile and my bad leg is lots stronger post-op.  I think it might be because I worked really hard to strengthen it beforehand – the main thing to work on after ACL surgery is quad muscle strength – and I was able to do a straight leg raise on day 3 which was great! 

But I feel pretty useless overall – I have these seminary papers and an essay I need to finish, and I can’t really put together sentences for ’em.  I can’t even read a book for more than 10 minutes – which is crazy frustrating, I normally read at least 30 minutes a day… ugh.  Though, I think it’s good for me to slow down and be ‘useless’  it means I just have to ‘be.’  ooh, dang.  I’m not good at just ‘being.’

in lieu of not being able do anything else, here is the playlist for the evening – random shuffle again

the connells – one simple word.  the connells were a fave band of mine in high school, so many years ago…

vienna teng – waking hour.  her new album is available to preview, can’t wait… an amazing pianist, songwriter, performer

broken walls – beautiful great one.  a First Nations/Native American band, got the cd at urbana

miranda stone – 7 deadly sins.  an amazingly kick-butt canadian singer-songwriter, super friendly, authentic, and social justice minded.

nickelcreek – that cd, you know, the one i have no idea what the title is. i didn’t really want to like them because they were so popular, but dangit, they are so talented!



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