Tuesday January 6, 2004

more substantial thoughts will come later, but for now, wanted to share the cds that are in ‘random shuffle’ mode as i work on a very cool seminary class:

broken walls – beautiful great one
nickelcreek – you know, the popular one
coldplay – rush of blood to the head
sarah masen – dreamlife of angels
patty griffin – 1000 kisses

it’s been a good day, also got doses of seth woods, over the rhine, and vienna teng.

in another update, i have knee surgery scheduled for jan. 20th.  woohoo.  acl reconstruction, take 2. 


on a brighter note, watched the debut the other night, starring all 4 Basco brothers. great movie, with a grassroots ‘making of’ story a bit like better luck tomorrow… gonna try and get ahold of the soundtrack.

ok, back to work.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday January 6, 2004

  1. tiff_o

    you LIKED that MOVIE?? 

    oy vey.  i didn’t at all.  in fact, i kept seeing Rufio from Hook.  I thought that the movie was trite, overacted, poorly written and poorly directed.  i did think the depiction of Filipino-American life was well done, but i could have guessed from the get-go that he wanted to be an artist, his parents wanted him to be a doctor and that his lack of understanding about his parents and culture led to embarassment and anger.  Also, the actor that played his 18-year-old sister had to be at least 26.  The screenplay felt like something I could have written in high school (and would be rather embarassed to re-read now) and frankly, i expect more from film-makers today.

    i did like the dance-off scene. 🙂

  2. sabbychan

    wow, harsh, are we?  you are quite cynical, lately, friend.  did you watch ‘the making of?’  have you ever tried to make a movie?  oh good grief.  don’t you think the point was to depict filipino-american life?  maybe you should turn off your criticalness and turn on your heart. 

  3. paulmaney

    Seth Woods, Over the Rhine, Vienna Teng? If I didn’t know better, I would think I was readings Todd’s blog 🙂

    Btw, how is “Kingdome Come” so far? I haven’t had the chance to start it yet, way too many other books in the hopper right now.


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