Monday September 8, 2003

skateboards and yard work

lest i be perceived as always serious, here are some lighter thoughs – from a fun weekend.

i did yardwork this weekend, saturday morning after a prayer meeting, i was trimming hedges with an electric hedger.  as i hedged, i saw the mail carrier walk up and say “maybe this will help”… in his hand, he was holding… a skateboard.  no box, just a skateboard with a card taped to it with my address.  SO crazy… and very fun.  my friend janet had been thinking about testing the postal service’s limits, and had asked them to send it without a box.  and it worked! it was in great shape.  i tested it out yesterday at an empty parking garage.  no broken bones yet.  in case you’re interested in other postal service experiments, my roommate alerted me to this webpage…

in other news – my roommates and i mowed the yard, edged the yard, trimmed hedges, and cut branches off trees this weekend.  i also started a compost pile.  it was one of the things i committed to doing after i came back from manila.  i am pretty excited about feeding it our kitchen trash and yard clippings – why throw away stuff that can naturally decompose?  more on that later…


5 thoughts on “Monday September 8, 2003

  1. tiff_o

    darling, i can’t wait to read your post about your broken arm due to skateboarding euphoria.  i hope you learn to type well with one hand.

    mom said you need a helmet. 


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