Wednesday March 26, 2003

pbs is showing a 3 part special called “becoming american: the chinese experience.” i watched the first segment tonight, really interesting, and parts of it were really sad.  parts 2 and 3 are on wed. and thurs. night, 8pm central.  if anyone can tape it (preferably off cable) that’d be awesome.  our tv/vcr combo didn’t tape tonight’s very well at all. 

on an entirely different note, i’ve been thinking about just war theory – here’s a little blurb about it:

Just War Theory developed by Augustine (354-430) and refined by Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274).  According to the theory, to be just, a war must meet six conditions:

(1) It must be conducted by a legitimate authority which explicitly serves notice that it intends to use military power to attain its objectives. 

(2) It must be intended for the advancement of good or for the avoidance of evil. 

(3) It must be undertaken only as a last resort. 

(4) The good anticipated from the war must outweigh the evil done in the pursuit of war. 

(5) There must be a reasonable expectation of success in the effort. 

(6) It must be conducted according to the internationally accepted rules of warfare, never going beyond certain agreed-upon moral constraints.  By the last requirement such things as attacks on nonmilitary targets, unnecessary destruction, looting, and massacres are prohibited.

we talked about this stuff a few weeks ago at church in a discussion format.  at the time (pre-war) some people talked about how #s 3 and 4 seem pretty iffy in our current case.  and also how as followers of Jesus we are called to thoughtful evaluation of govt. leaders, not just blind following.  my brain is still chewing on this stuff, but yeah, just something i’ve been thinking and praying about. 


3 thoughts on “Wednesday March 26, 2003

  1. DaTsengster

    you brought up some good points.

    it is a very dangerous opinion that you support the Iraqi conflict and the killing of Iraqi people.  a war is never warranted in anyway by any justification, whether it is for humanitarian purpose or others.  the main reasons to use forces to resolve a conflict are power and influences.

    – in the Iraqi conflict, war supporter would say that the cease-fire resolution of 1991 Gulf War requires that Iraq to be disarmed.  since Iraq has not do so, the current military action is a continuation of the 1991 Gulf War, which the United Nations has authorized the use of armed forces.

    – a less hawkish view would say that resolution 1441 from november of 2002 requires that Iraq to be disarmed or face serious consequences.  what is more serious than military forces?

    – a more pacifist view would suggest that the US should not provoke conflict.  the US would rather take initial casualties than risking an pre-emptive strike.

    Mr. Blair is risking his political life to help Mr. Bush, while Mr. Bush couldn’t pronounce his own cause and Mr. Rumsfeld couldn’t speak in a more diplomatic and florid manner.  moreover, Mr. Bush is allocating the Iraqi re-building contracts to American firms while Mr. Blair wants to dedicate them to the Iraqi people.  how ironic?  is this conflict for Pax Americanna or for the delivery of peace, democracy and security?

    god bless american troops and the coalition forces, but provoking Russia and communist China is unthinkable.  and because of Mr. Bush’s incompetence, americans are facing

    1) High price of bad diplomacy
    2) Dimming prospects for an economic bounce
    3) Political fallout for the Republicans, and the
    4) Drifting Arab world  as well as U.S.’s allies

    that’s my two cents and i’m responsible for my comments, feel free to make your suggestions.

  2. sabbychan

    eh, so i don’t know you… but if you had read anymore of what i’ve written, or knew me.. you’d know that i’m anti-war.  bona-fide protester and everything. 

    i don’t feel like your bashing bush and other leaders is that helpful, though….


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