Friday March 7, 2003

location, location, location…

so i was at rice today, i had decided to go rollerblading.  i was a bit nervous, as the last time i went, the road won a battle that left me pretty bruised, but that’s a whole ‘nother embarrassing story for another time.  but as i was skating around, i reflected a bit on the only other times i’d gone rollerblading, 5 years ago, on campus as a student…

and zooming down towards the sallyport (big arch) with fondren (the library) behind it, i thought about matriculation which is held out there.  and i remembered how much i changed, in the 4 years after arriving on that campus.  it’s rather amazing, actually.  scary, too. 

and then i thought about graduation, also held in that same grassy area.  and walking out of the sallyport into the ‘real world’ excited, scared, and apprehensive.  and i have a word for the graduating old people out there… there is SOOOO much more to life than college.  probably a lot of people have said that ‘the college years are the best years of your life,’ but it’s just not true.  they are good years, don’t get me wrong.  but it’s just the beginning of a journey…

there’s so much to learn, to experience out of school.  it’s really different, but also good.  i once described to someone that the difference between beingin school and working in corporate america is like the difference between weight training and training for a marathon.  they’re both good for you, but sometimes (at least for me) i much prefer weight training, there’s a lot of variety, lots of different machines to play with – you learn a lot in college through lots of different events and challenges.  lots of ups and downs… the working world is a little more like running… kinda repetitive.  but really good for you.  and as in training for a marathon, a lot of it is mental.  you don’t get as much of an instant sense of accomplishment, but in the long run (no pun intended) you grow a lot.  

holcombe and kirby

i met a woman named shamaya today (i should have asked her how to spell her name)  driving down good old holcombe, after having gone blading.  she carried a sign that said disabled mom kidney disease=lupus
i felt a familiar feeling in my gut, tried to avoid it, but ended up making the u-turn to go park in a nearby shopping center.  in a way, i was glad – for a while now i’ve been afraid that i am no longer sensitive to those tuggings.  as i crossed the busy street and walked onto the median with the dollar and change i could find in my car, i felt another familiar, i have no idea what to talk about… but the same words came to mind… ‘i saw your sign…  having a rough time?’

we talked for a bit.  she told me she was blessed.  she needed to do laundry and the first person who stopped had handed her a roll of quarters.  and a caterer had given her and her son some sandwiches.  she told me that i looked like someone she knew who worked over by sharpstown mall… i tried to ignore it.  asked if she was involved in a faith community… they had been going, yes… asked for prayer requests – for her health, obviously… but then she told me that she used to be a drug addict, and she wanted to be avenged, wanted God to take care of all the drug dealers, to allow them to be all rehabbed, in the next 10 years.  i was surprised.  not what i expected.  but i was amazed by her faith, her passion for this.  that it was the one prayer request she wanted to tell me about. 

mostly, in these encounters, i think God is trying to show me stuff about my own heart.  i might feel benevolent afterwards, but maybe… these tuggings in my heart are really for me to change, grow, and have my heart worked on.  i’m thankful.


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