Wednesday February 26, 2003

so – here i am, in another virtual space… but given my conversations with people about how i think day-to-day xangas are a poor substitute for real conversations – this will not be one of those.  (even though i had a blog way before it had a name, or was cool… back in college…)

rather, i am humbly taking this on as a way to continue to step out in what i feel like i’m called to.  to continue on a journey of finding my voice (virtual, in this case) and trying it out… so yeah, i actually journaled/prayed about this.  so if it stops soon, it’s cuz i felt like i wasn’t supposed to continue. 🙂

well, all that to say – i hope to be disciplined enough to write on things i’m passionate about.

for now, a lyric by robbie seay that has meant a lot to me these past few… years.

you made me to fly
you made me to live life
you made me to soar
and you made me yours




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